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Laura Hanna is a one stop spot to hear about up and coming businesses found in your community. Supporting local businesses is a very important mission at Laura Hanna. And we strive to bring you information that will help you navigate to their websites and find them in your communities.

You as consumers get to do your part as well. We want to hear from you about your favorite place or service offering. Please feel free to contact us so we can share your hidden gems publicly. It's the right thing to do for local business. These owners often live right in the very communities they serve. Their families attend the same schools, parks, recreation centers, business centers, and so much more. When it comes to building a thriving community, local businesses play such an integrated part in that. So let's hear who you support!

And local businesses! We want to hear from you as well. You can contact us through our social media channels or direct message us. Show us what you got and why consumers and customers should check you out! We want to assist you in any way to help you grow and become a solid fixture in the communities you serve. So reach out! We are waiting eagerly to meet you!


Shout Outs to Local Favs!

Edmonton Carpeting has been servicing residential homes and commercial centers for many years. When you are looking for affordable carpet installation or carpet repair, these guys should be on your call list. Not only are they affordable, but they also are one of the city's leading carpet installers because they stand behind the work that they do. Customer service driven and quality standards for completion push them ahead of many different companies out there. Trust these professionals to take care of your carpeting needs.

Local Fans Top Picks!!

Now is time to let your voice shine through! We have appreciated all the great "tips" that have lead us to discovering more hidden gems in your local business communities. It warms our hearts to see the support that is flowing in from the communities, wanting to recommend these businesses to us! While we will try to include all that we were able to confirm, please be patient! You have given us quite a few! Good job!

Painters Enterprise is, you guessed it, a painting company. With years upon years of experience in Edmonton and Calgary, they have built up a name to be proud of. Basing their company's success strategies off of being customer care focused, laser attention to detail, and pride of workmanship, they have definitely hit the mark over and over again. Many happy residential customers have referred them to friends and family. Also, commercial project managers have used them time and time again, to ensure the end result is exactly as planned. They are easily one of Edmonton's most popular painting companies in town. No wonder!
Picked by Nancy Temreali

Deciding to erect a deck should be a very thought out process. The benefits of having that additional outdoor space during warmer seasons is obvious to most. The placement and design of the deck needs to be thought out as well. What are you going to use it for? Will it be an additional eating space? A spot to capture the evening's cool breezes? A great spot to host friends for drinks and fun conversation? Whatever the purpose of the deck you plan has, Deck Builders Edmonton can get you the deck of your dreams. Their team of deck builders know what it takes to build a deck that will last for years.
Picked by Dan Veniteau

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